Jesus Christ is the greatest person ever! Nobody else in history can compare with Him.
  • More books have been written about Him than any other person.
  • He and His teachings are central to the most sold and most universally published book ever, the Bible.
  • He has inspired all kinds of creative works, such as songs, artworks, and even movies have been made about Him since the dawn of cinema. Watch Jesus videos.
  • He is mentioned on more websites than any other person.
  • Countless lives have been touched by the many charities founded in dedication to Him and His teachings, such as World Vision, Compassion
  • Multitudes bear witness of His power to heal broken hearts, lives and bodies, To listen to testimonies of lives changed by Jesus visit:
  • Millions, possibly billions, of people around the world, worship Him as the the eternally living Son of God who once died for the sins of the whole world, and came back alive again.
  • Everyday He is mentioned by name more often than any other person, some use it in prayer, some when they swear.
  • Every year His birth to a virgin is remembered and celebrated more than any other birth. Even the years of the common calendar are counted from the time of His birth.

Jesus is somebody nobody can ignore! If there is any person worth learning more about it is Jesus!

If you want to know more about Jesus and Christianity, then read about His life and teachings in the Bible, you can also talk to Him in prayer, and meeting other followers of Jesus will help you on your journey.

Most simply put, Christianity is about loving God our Creator with all our heart, soul, mind and body, and loving other people in the same way Jesus Christ has loved each of us.

The Basic Message of Christianity:

Our Creator loves us so much, He came to earth as a flesh and blood person called Jesus. He came to us so we could come to Him. Sinful disobedience to God had broken mankind's relationship with Him. This disunity with the Source of Life also caused death and disorder to enter the good world God had made. To end our separation from God, Jesus made a way for us to be free from sin. He did this by sacrificing His own sinless life on a cross for the sins of the world, and by rising from the grave to live forever. Jesus returned to Heaven, but His life-giving Spirit is among us today. He lives inside those that love Him. He's also calling all those in darkness to trust their lives to Him. For only in Him we are free to live in the loving light of God's holy presence, now in this world, and forever in the perfect world which is to come.

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